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YPSLCON 2005 proceedings minutes (xposted to my lj)

YPSLCON 2005 Day 1

Minutes taken by Will

Yipsels: Mary L, Kelsy [last name here], Matt Andrews, Matt Erard, Jay Cassano, Will, Peter Moody, Chuck [last name here]

Observers: Shaheen [last name here]

Mary suggests discuss SP/YPSL relations

Matt A suggests discuss SoP

YC Discussion

Matt A’s “Motion to amend the Constitution” read.

Pros & Cons of YC


SP members need to organize. (Average age of member 22)

Better way to get SP funding?

Preserving YPSL’s autonomy


2 different forums creates social cliques

Disagreement w/ SoP (?)

“YPSL has a political purpose outside of the Socialist Party.”

YPSL Goals

Coalition building

Be space for young radicals


Work w/ different political groups

YC Goals

Bring youngsters to SP conventions

Get them elected to SPNC

Digression into Black lists, Maoism, etc.

Discussion about removing affiliation w/ SP

Mary’s Proposal (Amended 5 for/ 1 against/ 2 abstaining)

“Motion to retain YPSL’s autonomy, work in coalition with SPUSA, resolve to work with and reach out to other radical groups, do our own fund raising, and encourage the creation of a YC.”

Vote on “Motion to amend the Constitution”

Motion voted on by paragraph

Paragraph One: Unanimous in favor.

Paragraph Two: 2 for/ 4 against/ 2 abstaining

Mary’s Proposal voted on: 5 for/ 2 opposed/ 1 abstaining

Motion to include the 1st sentence of the 2nd paragraph of “Motion to amend the Constitution”: 6 for/ 2 opposed

YPSLCON 2005 Day 2

Minutes taken by Will

Yipsels: Chuck [last name here], Mary L, Peter Moody, Jay Cassano, Kelsy [last name here], Deniz [last name here], Matt Andrews, Matt Erard, Will

Observers: Grant [last name here], Carl Webb, Chuck’s brother

Peter leads discussion.

Discuss replacement of delinquent Yipsel leadership.

Mary makes noise.

Will suggests discussing coordinating committees first.

Matt A suggests constitutional amendment necessary.

Peter determines Article Six Section Four in question.

“Inactivity for two months w/o notice”

Group discussion about replacement of delinquent Yipsel leadership.

2 months.

Mary departed.

The general definition of inactive to be out of contact.

Discussion over whether or not to have general membership or NEC vote on replacements.

Matt A. reads referenda rules.

“The election and tallying of votes shall be in accordance w/ sections 2 through 5 of Article 11.”

8 in favor of the following amendment:

“The NEC shall replace all members who resign or become inactive—the general definition of inactive is to be out of contact for more than 2 months. This process shall be done by membership wide elections and advertised by e-mail, mail, & print. The election itself shall be held in accordance with sections two through five of Article Eleven.”

Mary returns.

Amendment passes unanimously.

Tina’s second resolution voted on: 2 for/ 3 against/ 4 abstaining


In discussion is indicated that we would strive for previously failed amendment’s content through action.

SoP addition discussed.

“Membership in YPSL is not compatible with membership in the Democratic or Republican parties or support of their candidates.”

May moves to call the question: 4 for/ 2 against/ 3 abstaining.

Voting: 2 for/ 4 against/ 3 abstaining.

Matt A feels it is anti-democratic to call the question.

Secretary of Technology proposed amendment read.

Motion to change “Constitution” to “By-Laws” made by Mary. 8 for/ 1 abstaining

Motion to omit “Treasurer” from “apply to the League Treasurer”

Decided in favor by consensus.

Typographical and grammatical errors dealt with by consensus.

Motion to, in the last point, change “NEC” to “NCC”

Decided in favor by consensus.

Strike last clause.


Motion passes 8 for/ 1 abstaining.

Motion to create Regional Coordinating Committees.

Mountain states.

Regional divisions discussed.

Motion to have the NEC deal with Regional redividing.

Kelsy went away.

8 for.

Motion to takc “in agreement with these principles” to the SoP.

Passes by consensus.

Motion to order pizza.

Descent into anarchy.
Mary’s drug proposal.

Discussion of Corny Joke.

But added.

Vote to Strike 1st 3 lines. 2 for/ 4 against/ 3 abstaining

Typographical errors.

LSD discussed.

“I’ll teach you all about LSD before this weekend’s over.”

Deniz suggests striking LSD for focus’ sake.

Vote of whether to strike LSD: 2 for/ 3 against/ 4 abstaining.

Mary will research and add paragraph to attack pharmaceutical companies.

Mary will deal with Matt A’s: “The criminal justice system is largely funded by municipal tax systems which competes w/ funding for schools & exacerbates inequalities in educational opportunity.”

Add endorsement to SPMI proposal for SP Nat’l Convention RE support of Capitalist Parties: 5 for/ 2 against/ 1 abstaining

Under Secretary discussion.

Motion: 7 for/ 1 abstaining

Int’l Secretaryship created by consensus. (renamed Int’l Coordinator)

Motion to abolish black list passes by consensus.

Peter Moody unanimously elected Chair of YPSL 2005-2006.

Stephanie Cholensky unanimously elected ViceChair of YPSL 2005-2006.

NEC for 2005-2006: Mary L, Chuck [last name here], Matt Andrews, Will, Jay Cassano.

Adjourn for workshops!
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