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The problem with this place

Why can't they just let me put my energy into something so I could get some actual results?

No. I have to take 10 classes per semester... that way, I don't actually LEARN anything. Instead I spend my time hopping from class to class. My focus is spread in 10 different directions. I have to learn how to play the oboe (learn music for band, orchestra, Barret, and prepare lit for a recital, make reeds), conduct, rehearse a band, play "name that tune" with 20 pieces at a time of band lit, know theory of 20th century music, most of which sounds like random noise anyway, know the styles of 20th century composers, compose pieces using 20th century techniques, learn how to play the bassoon, which hurts my hands, and write perfomance reviews and music research papers.

All of these things are great. Really. But, I just finished my last conducting class... and I CAN'T COUNDUCT TO SAVE MY LIFE. The most absurd thing is that I WISH TO EARN A LIVING AS A BAND DIRECTOR. How am I going to be any good at that if I can't conduct? And how am I supposed to learn how to conduct if I have 40 things to do all the time?

Maybe this system works for other people, and that's why it's still done this way.

I could be a great conductor if I was allowed to put time and energy into studying and practicing and had some guidance. I could probably also study flute and oboe while involved with conducting studies. Then gradually I could start looking at rehearsal techniqes too, and learn lit by PLAYING IT IN A GROUP instead of trying to memorize a stupid list.

That's it. I'm opening my own school.

But seriously...

How did things get like this? Are there too many people, or are they just too poorly organized?

Is this a result of capitalism? Is there a better way?

I swear I'm from somewhere else. Yep, we're going back to that again. It's the only way to explain why I just don't get how things work here. YOU PEOPLE ARE NUTS.
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